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Welcome to the intelligent world of GS India, your DNA to good health. Water is life but when contaminated water can cause dreaded diseases like heart problems, skin cancer etc. How do you get best water for drinking? GS India Presenting the Complete range of Aqua RO Water Purifier System with an unmatched quality and multi stage purification process. Aqua RO Water Purifier unique stages purification process includes: • Pre Filter – Removes Physical Impurities • Sediment Filter- Removes sand, silt and turbidity • Activated Carbon Filter- Removes chlorine, pesticides, smell. Taste Enhancer makes water taste better. • Anti Scalant Filter- Removes scaling tendency • RO Membrane- 0.0001 micron. Reduces dissolved solids, removes / viruses • UV Purifier Filter- Destroys harmful bacteria /viruses • Ultra Filtration - Removes residual bacteria /viruses • Mineral Filter – Balance the mineral level in the ro water to make it healthier. • Alkaline Filter – Maintained the ph level of ro water. • TDS Controller – An option to control TDS level of ro water. GS India, conforming to national and international standard also comes with intelligent features that other ROs don’t have. Coming with a one year warranty, three mandatory services and the best water purifier after sales service always, our range of Aqua water purifier makes life healthier and safer.

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